Op het 3DRealms-board werd flink geklaagd over het detaill van de karakters in Max Payne.

Er is namelijk technologie uit het 3DMark-benchmark programma in Max Payne verwerkt, maar Skaven (van het Max Payne devteam) kwam toch even wat dingen rechtzetten.I do see Nickelback's point. Maybe people are expecting a bit too much. Maybe the impressively visual 3DMark scenes fool them into believing that the game will look like a movie.

It's just a game. What you have to keep in mind when you see the 3DMark scenes, is that they're all just single, limited scenes, designed to push the 3D card to its very limits and use all its capacity. In Max Payne, the player moves freely in a scene filled with textures. There's realtime controls. There's enemies with AI. Etc. Lots more different things to process than a visual-only scene. Max Payne will look impressive, but not as impressive as the 3DMark scenes might imply.

Guys, settle down. It's not going to be a bad game, no. But don't go over the top with your expectations, m'kay?

- Peter Hajba

- Max Payne devteamWat valt er eigenlijk de klagen over Max Payne? Er is geen multiplayer en over de gameplay bestaan nog een hoop vaagheden, maar de graphics zelf zijn in ieder geval dik ok. Ik snap dus niet waar ze het daar over hebben.