Vorig jaar gingen er al allerlei geruchten over Max Payne, ik heb er al een hele tijd niets over gehoord, en nu plotseling kwam Amar een preview tegen. Hier een quote:Max Payne is one of those games that will have many superior features compared to the games in the same genre. One of these features in this game will be the in-depth and realistic story that reminds me a little of Kingpin's plot (hopefully its utter flop status will not follow in tow . Max Payne is a typical cop, but with an extraordinary past of terror. (....)Although we know very little about Max Payne's characters, we do know Max Payne is an ambitious, reclusive jerk ready to kick some butt (Duke Nukem anyone? . He has very few friends, and many more enemies. So far, only two characters have been revealed in the Max Payne real, One of which of course is Max Payne himself. The other characters are the Finito Brothers, the typical, manipulative thugs which everyone fears. The characters revealed so far are surely some of the most powerful ones I have heard of, the descriptions make sense and connect with the setting of a terrorized New York City. Max Payne has a load of thugs out there, only more have to be revealed to get more of a taste for the themes in this game.