Op VooDoo Extreme hebben ze een preview gedaan van een spel waarin in nieuwe god van aktie zou moeten spelen, Max Payne. Ze zijn er erg in onder de indruk van de grafische pracht van het spel en de sfeer.What makes the visuals so outstanding you ask? Well, that's not an easy question to answer. The camera views in Max Payne do play a major part though. When Remedy was zooming the camera up-close to Max's face, you could literally see the blemishes on his skin. Panning over to his gun, then zooming in – the frankly better than real life™ textures on the gun looked like actual metal; the weapon model was flawless in every detail. Squeezing off a .45 caliber round the pistol's muzzle flashed in the dark city street, illuminating and reflecting off of Max's angry blue eyes; the bullet stops in mid air. The camera centers on the discharged slug, looking closer you could see the actual bullet suspended in mid-air, perfect in every way. The attention to detail doesn't stop at the weapons or characters; it permeates throughout the entire game. The innovative camera controls don't stop with the weapons however, as the folks from Remedy seem to be very big John Woo fans. From watching some of the action sequences, one could speculate that cinematography was a major for at least one of the stoic Finnish designers. Dramatic camera angles, slow motion "Matrix"-esque sequences where the view would slow down, pan around the room then switch back to real time were extremely well directed, and added an entire new level to the game.

Duke Nukem4Ever krijgt zeker een sterke concurrent in Max Payne. De rest van de preview lees je hier.