Bij Daily Rader hebben ze een preview gedaan van Max Payne, het door Remedy onder ontwikkeling zijnde Matrix achtige 3D Actiespel. Enig nadeel wat je hebt van het lezen van de preview is dat je weet dat je nog (te lang ) moet wachten op dit veelbelovende spel. Release date is: "we'll finish it when we finish it".The story has the main character swearing bloody vengeance on a gang of punks who murdered his family three years earlier. Payne is now a special agent with the DEA, but things aren't much simpler. His boss and friend was recently murdered, and Max was framed for the job. Worse, the mafia family he infiltrated as a double agent wants him smeared all over the wall of an alley. Somehow, the player has to figure out how to survive in a hellish New York. Remedy describes the game as a story-driven action title for mature audiences. By "mature," developers usually mean unrelenting violence, and Max Payne doesn't look any different. The game will feature more than a dozen real-world weapons along with the devastating sorts of wounds that those guns tend to produce. The most interesting feature, however, is the cinematic camera system the game is going to be using. During particular exciting points in the game, the engine will switch to a different perspective and go in slow motion to provide gamers with more of a John Woo experience. Developed on a proprietary engine called the E2 Rendering engine, the version of the game that we saw was capable of astonishing detail. In one instance, after Max had fired a gun, the developers paused the game and zoomed in on Max's 9 millimeter to show the amazing level of detail even on the gun. They then pulled back and found the bullet in midair. Zooming in even closer, we could see how the bullet was just as realistically rendered. It may not matter in the middle of the a gunfight, but it is an impressive demonstration of the power of the engine.

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