In de handleiding van Max Payne kon je al lezen dat je meer van Max kon verwachten. Dimension Films en Collision Entertainment zouden een film gaan maken met Max als onderwerp. De Hollywood Reporter komt nu met het bericht dat Collision Entertainment de rechten heeft om Max naar de TV en de Bioscoop te brengen.Collision Entertainment, headed by Paul Rosenberg and Scott Faye, has acquired film and television rights to the Mature-rated game, which shipped for PC on July 25 and is heading to PlayStation2 and Xbox in the fall, from video game producer 3D Realms and Finnish game developer Remedy Entertainment. Dimension Films will distribute domestically, with Abandon Entertainment handling international distribution.

This marks the second time that Collision, Abandon and Dimension have teamed to turn a video game into a film. Dimension also is distributing the movie version of game creator American McGee's "Alice," a dark, interactive retelling of the classic "Alice in Wonderland" tale. The film, which is in early development, has Wes Craven attached as producer and director. John August is working on a screenplay, and McGee will serve as producer on the film. Abandon will handle international distribution. De vraag blijft wie Max Payne zal spelen, feit is wel dat de setting van het spel zich ideaal leent voor een verfilming.