Enkele minuten geleden rolde er een persbericht in mijn mailbox met het blijde bericht dat de release datum van Max Payne op 20 juli staat. Zou de titel dan eindelijk klaar zijn? Hoewel, 20 juli is pas over 3 maanden, ze hebbben dus nog de tijd om de laatste code te kloppen .- The city locations are believable - from dirty garbage strewn industrial lots to opulent condos of society's rich (and corrupt) – all rendered in amazingly lifelike detail.

- Remedy's 3D engine (MAX-FX) pushes accelerated gaming even further – level of detail, particle effects and a skeletal animation system result in smooth vividly recreated environments, natural character movement (even clothes move) and facial expressions

- Though action orientated investigation and clue finding will be important aspects of gameplay, interaction and dialogue with other characters plays a notable part in the unfolding story line

- The slow motion sequences are a unique feature to Max Payne – not only do they enhance the overall movie-feel with set-pieces, but are also used as visual treats for players as they satisfyingly watch their bullet tear through your enemy!

- Another novel feature is using graphic novel-style panels during “level loading” screens – keeping players involved in the on-going story, preparing them for the next scene.

- The Combat and action sequences are straight out of a Hong-Kong movie. Max can combine dives and rolls as bullets zing around him whilst unloading both gun barrels into an unsuspecting assassin – and of course there's those slow motion sequences for a particularly well-aimed shot.

- Weapons are real - with a realistic feel, behavior (muzzle flash, ricochets), and effects – a leg-shot will have Max limping along dripping blood, whilst a bullet to the chest will mean game-over, but not before you get to see a nice slow-mo exit wound! De demo zal ook rondom deze tijd uitkomen zoals in de Faq te lezen valt. In de Faq staat ook dat alleen Direct3D ondersteunt zal worden. Als Max Payne uitkomt kan de zomer niet meer stuk