Master of Orion III @ The Atrium heeft een interview gehad over Master of Orion III met Quicksilver's Rantz Hoseley , een grafisch artiest die aan deze titel meewerkt.I am sure you are familiar with MOO2. What are the biggest changes, graphic wise, that might hope to see in MOO3? There are two big changes in appearance. The first is to make the graphics overall really, really stunning and striking. To have the political parlay screens, the ships, combat, all of it across the board just ratchet up about 5 notches. We're trying to make a top level, game, one that is fully realized in all the aspects. Design, AI, Art, etc. So, my responsibility to to make sure that the art will live up to that. The other aspect is to make sure the interface is clean, gorgeous and intuitive. This game is all about information. Easily accessing information and managing that information to make the right choices. Hence, it lives or dies by the interface... so I'm spending a HUGE amount of time on the interface. How it's laid out. How the player accesses information, in what order they access information, How easy is that information to get to? Really doing as much debugging of it in the design phase as is possible so that the player can look at the screen and say "that makes perfect sense, if I do *this*, the result will be *that*". No "tunnelling" or being attacked by "pop-up" windows, but still maintaining *all* the info that MOO fans want. It's a challenge to say the least, but we've got some ideas that I hope will pleasantly surprise people. What are you planning for the space combat section? What kind of graphics will it posses? Full 3D, Voxel, 2D Bitmaps? I can't say too much about what system we're using at this time. I will say the game is, in one place or another, using polygons, voxels, bitmaps, and procedural rending methods! What can you tell about the enigmatic "Alien 1"? They are rather enigmatic aren't they? Well, they are probably the most antisocial race of all the races in MOO yet to appear. They're being designed to be really vicious bastards. That's all I can really say right now, other than to say that, if we do it right, this'll be the race that everyone loves to hate... How are you going to show the planetary surface? Are you going to use full-blown 3D worlds like Imperium Galactica II? We're not using the approach that IG2 used. It's complicated to explain, and it's probably better to just wait for a bit to just *show* people what it's going to look like, and how the player controls it. The way to think of it, is that we've designed it to be an evolution and refinement of the MOO2 Planetary function and depiction. We want ground combat to give you real feedback as far as how the battle is going, and the relative state of how well your planetary habitation is developing... it's really complex, but we think that it'll make things much clearer for the player in both combat a nd non combat planetary situations. This screen ( the planetary screen ) is one of the ones that took the longest, just because of all the factors involved, and trying to get that solidified into a visually clear, easy to read format... well, it took a lot of time and revisions. Je kan het hier nalezen. Zo, en nu tijd voor voetbal