Er komt steeds meer informatie over Master of Orion 3. Naast een interview eerder op de avond is er nu ook een preview beschikbaar. Het gaat voornamelijk over de verschillen met de eerdere delen, het 5X systeem (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate en eXperience) en het "Sim Galaxy" aspect.The Quicksilver team intends to overhaul some of the biggest flaws of the previous games, and where possible use and merge the best aspects of both MOOs into MOO3. Promised, among other things, are a far more evolved diplomatic model, richer and more diverse ship and race customization, and a far more effective colony management system that is a hybrid of MOO1 and MOO2. Designer Alan Emrich: "Management takes place at multiple levels. All management can occur at the Highest Levels of Government. Of course, this is less efficient "macro-" management, but it is a real time saver. Sectors, Systems, and Planets can also be manages individually, as each as its own separate infrastructure." MOO3's campaign won't be heavily scripted and will retain the open-ended approach of its predecessors, "The standard campaign game will begin at a scripted beginning (before the first turn is played). After that (once the board is set up) it's classic open-ended. There should be scenarios, too, that are more scripted (yet still open-ended)". Another important aspect to consider is the quality of the game's user interface. You don't want it to be overly complex for the newbie player, nor do you want to turn away those folks who appreciate depth to their game. So you'll want to strike a balance which in the end suits both parties. Rants Hosely: "One of the major concerns (both from fans and internally) is making sure that the depth is there, but that it's easy to use in terms of controls. What Greg Marsters is doing with the UI engine is unlike anything I've seen in a strategy game, allowing for not only clear and intuitive ease of use but also player customization. Very cool stuff and the all-critical backbone to making MOOIII not only complex, but *usable*!" Je kan hier verder lezen. Ik ben benieuwd wat ze van Master of Orion 3 maken, Master of Orion 2 vond ik persoonlijk nogal tegen vallen.