Onze Duitse naamgenoot, Gamers.de, heeft een nieuwe patch voor Martian Gothic. Deze patch is #2 en is 2 MB groot. Changes: Fixed further bugs reported on the message boards at http://www.talonsoft.com/martiangothic/index.html Many thanks to all who contributed there. Improved collision and detection with the floor and environment (again). Fixed crashes in the Necropolis area. Extrude (aka 'spiders') behaviour, generation and combat has been dramatically improved and bug associated with them jumping on your face fixed. Cheats incorporated (watch this space!). Fixed two issues involving the scene where your character is being winched down over the alien tomb. Fixed a problem with objects which could themselves be containers (e.g. babybug/weedkiller gun). Greatly improved the grapple and combat with the Nondead. Fixed a problem found with shooting at Nondead when other 'dead' bodies lay in front of them. Fixed problem causing a crash when using the Laser Scalpel on the Jammed Door near Kremlin. Ben Gunn is now more co-operative and you can radio him to help you when you have been poisoned by the extrudes. Shooting extrudes is improved so that combat with them is more dynamic. Getting attacked off screen works better. Salem Dorm's Trimorph has improved AI. Shuttle Bay doors opening from Zen Garden now has cut scene. Whittaker's cut scene (man on Mars) improved