Na jaren van ontwikkelen zal binnenkort de gesloten beta test van Age of Mythology beginnen. Net als WarCraft III is AoM een van de kanshebbers voor beste RTS van 2002. In tegenstelling tot de topper van Blizzard kom je in Age of Mythology wel boten tegen. Het nieuwste screenshot van Ensemble Studios' RTS laat een gevecht zien tussen verschillende boten, zeemonsters en andere vage zeelui. A Game For Everyone Age of Mythology features an entertaining tutorial, an intuitive interface, and logical game rules that combine to allow anyone to quickly and easily learn to play. Once started, there is a lot to explore: an epic 36 scenario singleplayer campaign, easy-to-use multiplayer gaming online, singleplayer games against the challenging Age of Mythology AI opponents, more than 15 different random map types that help make the game infinitely replayable, nine highly differentiated civilizations, multiple difficulty levels to allow players of any skill level to have an enjoyable game, and, of course, a fully functional scenario editor. Age of Mythology offers something for everyone: a fun game for any playing style or skill level. Age of Mythology zou eind september begin oktober moeten uitkomen. Meer info vind je op de officiele site.