De mensen uit het developer team van Massive Entertainment vervelen zich waarschijnlijk, ze hebben vandaag al de 2e mappack van deze week uitgebracht, wat het totale aan pakketjes nu naar 4 brengt. De pack bevat 3 nieuwe multiplayer maps, de beschrijvingen:* AS4_Salamander

Another base defending and attacking mission but this time for four teams. Each team has a beacon, these beacons are the teams keys to reinforcements. When a team moves close to an enemy beacon it is destroyed and the team owning that beacon will not be able to get any more reinforcements.

* DM8_Colosseum

An arena deathmatch played out not on a square metallic arena, but a round, bumpy metallic one. The grey concrete and white metal sparks set a glum tone for this 8-team deathmatch free-for-all map best played without reinforcements. Last man standing, survives.

* ES2_Mountains

This is the second escape mission. Team one must get away from their dropzone and escape through the north or the south valleys. Team two must prevent team one from reaching safety.Downloaden is mogelijk vanaf Ground Control Center.