Als nette heren moeten wij natuurlijk zeggen dat wij liever mannen hebben (nou eigenlijk dat we helemaal geen voorkeur hebben, maar dan gaan we te diep doordenken ) in de hoofdrol van games. Maar hier zijn we op een 'men-only' site (of komt hier ook vrouwelijk volk?) dus we kunnen vrijuit spreken. Waar ik nou naartoe wilde gaan is dat Corporation een artikel heeft geschreven over wat gamers nou echt liever hebben in games, mannen, of vrouwen? Ik weet het al Hey fellow guy gamers: Are you sexually biased? There's a question that stops men in their tracks. Your gut reaction is to say no, isn't it? Of course it is. You don't slap fellow female worker's behinds at work, or the equivalent at school. You don't treat your sister or other females you encounter with less respect than anyone else. Maybe you're a real boy scout, who tosses his jacket in the mud and guides old ladies across the street. "Am I sexually biased?" you incredulously ask to the screen as you are reading this, "this guy is about as friggin' nuts as my Great-Uncle Jacob, and he married the family dog!" Well here's the catch: there's a vast and distinct difference between the real world and the gaming world. The rules change in a gaming environment. Its hard not to use games like Tomb Raider and Drakkan: Order of the Flame as prime examples of this. I realize that there are many other games, such as anything Duke Nukem related, that blatantly flaunt the female role in them. I have selected TR and Drakkan because the leading ladies are both strong characters in and of themselves, and the focus of the game was not truly upon the sexuality. In other words, the best games to examine in order to get an accurate gauge of how the average gaming market views the female hero. These are ladies that you don't want to get into a brawl with, because they will rule your pathetic ass. [...]Male gamers? Mature? Unthinkable, yes, but true. The market lies ready and willing from both sides of the lines. As I have stated earlier, both male and female gamers are seeking games that cater not to a particular sex, but to both. We are on the cusp of a sexual revolution in gaming. It has been long overdue. Female gamers should not feel isolated or categorized as a separate and odd entity because they cannot or will not identify with a male lead in a video game. Hopefully, as we gradually separate ourselves from our conceptual bias and learn to appreciate the qualities of both the male and female hero, such a divide can be resolved. That can be easily accomplished if both sides are equally represented in a game. Dus vertel? Wat hebben jullie nou liever? En zeg nou niet dat je graag zelf de vrouw wilt zijn