PlanetXbox heeft nu al een korte first look gemaakt van Malice, de eerste adventure voor de Xbox. Niet veel is bekend, alleen een grove schets van het verhaal en een stapel screenshots, die oa. bumpmapping in het spel laten zien.Just about every console system at one time or another has had an adventure title of some sort with cute cartoon-like graphics with characters consisting of animals and/or children. All too often we have seen these very titles become hits for their respective console. We have had Donkey Kong, Croc, Crash Bandicoot, Sonic, Mario, and many more. Now British developer Argonaut looks to be stepping up to not just one plate but rather several as they look to bring their 3D adventure title Malice to multiple platforms including Microsoft's Xbox. Little is still known about this title but Argonaut has provided some specific information on their title including a bunch of screenshots. The story begins with Alice, a young and far too boisterous kid, who accidentally unleashes an ancient fire demon into the world. As per anyone's guess this is a bad thing as the giant molten hellhound, know as Malice Incarnate, is full of evilness with his sharp teeth and smouldering eyes. Well, if "you break it you bought it" comes into play then so does "if you unleashed it you must destroy it". It is now our young heroine's job to build up her strength and wisdom to defeat the Fire God and save the world, which he undoubtedly threatens to destroy. En de bumpmapping: