Het spel Majesty is goud gegaan (Amerikaanse versie)! Verwacht wordt dat het spel in maart uitkomt. De Duitse en de Engelse versie zijn nog niet goud. “We're all excited and relieved. It's been a long process, and our most ambitious project to date. We cannot wait to hear people's reactions when they try the release version of Majesty. The reaction to the demo has been phenomenal, but we've come so far since then that we believe even those who tried the demo are going to be blown away,” Adan told us.

Arriving in March, the fantasy-themed Majesty posits you as a crowned ruler, and from the walls of your castle, you are challenged to meet the needs of your growing empire and its varied inhabitants. Each decision has an impact on the well being of your property, and those upon whom you depend to carry out your wishes. The quests will require you to develop unique strategies, build your tax base, collect moneys owed to the crown, explore your surroundings, and vanquish your enemies.