Onslaught weet te melden dat het kaartspel Magic The Gathering ook naar de Dreamcast komt. En omdat dit spel uitermate geschikt is om mee tegen vrienden te spelen zal het spel volop gebruik maken van de multiplayer mogelijkheden die de Dreamcast biedt.

Are you a Magic the Gathering virgin? Anyone who reads this article can probably tell that this particular writer sure is! Not to fear, though, as Sega has you taken care of. The game features a tutorial mode that will get even beginners started. It seems that there will be a way to simplify the rules if you like, and of course the interface is designed to make things as easy as possible on you.

The one player mode is, obviously, not the main attraction for this game. Sega will be making use of the DC's networking ability, allowing you to go Online to battle and chat. As previously mentioned, you can also trade cards via the VMU. It also seems that the game will have better AI than in previous card games, so if you don't want to play Online, you'll still get a solid experience.

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