Bij 3D Action Planet hebben ze een uitgebreide preview gemaakt van Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven. In Mafia mag je in de huid kruipen van een maffioso die onder aan de trap moet beginnen en dmv diverse opdrachten de weg naar de top zien te vinden.During the game it will be the player's' task to complete various missions and objectives for the Salieri family, particularly Don Salieri himself. Missions will range from driving a getaway car (something Tony obviously knows how to do already) to performing a hit on a rival mobster, to some things perhaps even more dangerous (perhaps guarding the personage of a highly-regarded family member). As the plot goes along and Tony begins to rise to power within the family, he begins to question his decision to live the life of a gangster. While the game will feature a movie-like single-player story, both Deathmatch and Capture-The-Flag modes will be included, and possibly more multiplayer modes may be added soon. Lees hier het hele verhaal.