Mafia wordt gezien als een toekomstige hit. Of dit terecht is moet nog blijken, maar het ziet er wel naar uit.

GA-Source vond dit ook en daarom was het tijd voor een interview met Illusion Softworks, de makers van Mafia die nu ook aan Hidden & Dangerous 2 werken. Could you briefly describe Mafia: La Cosa Nostra?

Mafia is an action game, set in the thirties. You have at your disposal one huge town, 60 types of cars and control over a gangster, and it is only up to you what you're going to do with it. There're twenty extensive missions in the game, with everything that Mafia of those days had on its conscience: collecting protection money, shipments of spirits, getting rid of witnesses, and bank robberies. And - as one cannot really drive into a bank in a car, you have a lot of walking ahead of you, seen through the eyes of a third person. It is a sort of combination of CRAZY TAXI, DRIVER, KINGPIN, and METAL GEAR SOLID. We've tried to learn from the best that there is in each of them.

Who is this game being developed for?

Those, who like movies such as GOODFELLAS, HEAT, UNTOUCHABLES, MILLERS CROSSING or RONIN. Players, who expect to get not only super action scenes, but also a decent story. And those who like to ignore speed limits. It can be said that we're actually making a game for ourselves, something that we want to play.

Mafia interview