ActionTrip heeft onlangs een interview kunnen houden met het brein achter de derde persoons aktie game Mafia: City of Lost Heaven. Zoals in eerdere berichten vermeld kunnen we helaas nog niet in Januari van de demo van het spel gaan genieten, voor de demo zullen we nog voor onbepaalde tijd moeten wachten.AT: On the official web site you mentioned that the city atmosphere is taken straight from 1930's - America, we know that the story begins in the City Of Lost Heaven, will there be any more cities introduced?

DV: No. One is enough. We would have gone crazy if we were making two cities.

AT: The architecture of the buildings seem very complex, as well as the car models. What sort of tricks does the 3D LS3D engine use in order to achieve maximum game performance?

DV: Well we have some methods how to hide objects behind objects etc. , which are little bit different from classic portal engines and better for outdoor areas, but basically it's in our graphic artists - if You do something four times, it's very presumable, that you have learned how to do it most effective way. And we did it five times :-)Ge√Įnteresseerden kunnen het hele verhaal hier lezen.