Gabe en Tycho van het erg grappige Penny Arcade interviewden voor Amazon de producer en uitvoerende producer van StarWars Galaxies: Haden Blackman en Rich Vogel. In het interview worden vragen gesteld varieerend over Bounty Hunters, het bouwen van eigen woningen en het maken van eigen wapens en voorwerpen.

Voor de vredelievende spelers onder ons is er alvast goed nieuws in het interview. Zo is het leven als winkeleigenaar volledig geimplementeerd in de game en zal je zelfs officiele namen aan zelf gemaakte wapens kunnen geven zoals 'Smith & Wesson'.Tycho (PA): One thing that I really enjoy about MMORPGs is crafting. I really enjoy player-created items, how rich is that in Galaxies? Haden (LucasArts): It's hugely important to us. So when we decided to make this game, we realized that combat was going to be very, very important obviously. It's Star Wars; you're gonna want to run around blasting stuff so there's gonna be players that spend almost all their time doing that, and that's great. We are trying to make combat as dynamic as possible to support that. At the same time, we know that there will be players that just want to live in the universe. We want to give them new tools to do that and take it to a new level. Especially the crafting, which is one area where we can be kind of evolutionary and kind of take what's been done before and expand upon it. So our crafting system lets you build pretty much anything. There are a lot of interdependencies between that and the resource harvesting system, the apprentice system, and then combat as well. So let's say Rich decides he wants to start building blasters. I can go out there and kill a million stormtroopers and the blaster rifle that Rich builds will probably be better than the blaster rifle that I can pick up from a stormtrooper. So that's sort of the way we are trying to balance it. Het interview dat geen echt nieuwe facts bevat, maar gelukkig wel lekker weg leest, is te vinden op Amazon.