Na alweer een weekje hard werken aan Unreal Championship heeft onze landgenoot Pancho Eekels van Digital Extremes weer tijd gevonden ons de recentste vorderingen omtrent de ontwikkeling van dit spel mede te delen.Our in-game sounds are starting to come together and that will be interesting. We will be trying our brand new procedural sound system soon!

We have some great looking new air bikes designed by Everton, skinned by Dan. It will be loads of fun, zipping around on those things. And the other guys will have fun blowing it all up. At E3 we showed the standup version, but we changed it akin to real bikes. This looks a hell of a lot better.

Jeff is adding all kinds of cool new tools for UnrealEd that will enhance level creation by many steps.

Work on the HUD has started and we are planning to make it race specific. Not too elaborate, but enough to remind you what type of character you are in the game. We think it adds a cool touch to the game.

We decided to add another new weapon (and the last one) to the Unreal Championship arsenal. It will be a true lighting gun in the sense that it 'snaps' like lightning instead of giving out the lightning stream. It will replace the sniper rifle, but don't worry; you will still get the chance to zoom in with this baby. Many players will learn to proceed with caution when it will be used.

shoot the air bike!

Deze air bikes lijken me erg cool in multiplayergames alhoewel het in 'Wages of Sin' (uitbreiding van het spel Sin) niet zo'n succes was. Het plaatje hierboven is van de oude E3 'standup' air bike, nu ziet het er meer uit als een motorfiets. Hopelijk zien we die dingen binnenkort als DE nieuwe screenshots released van UC.