Bij dailyradar hebben ze een lijst opgesteld waar je, van alle games die Lucasarts heeft laten zien op E3, een filmpje kan downloaden.Traditionally, LucasArts doesn't have a big honking booth on the show floor at E3. Unlike lots of console companies (and more than a few PC publishers, truth be told), they opt to pass on blowing tons of money on lasers, dancing girls and pounding techno soundtracks. Instead, the company hides itself away in a cool, calm room, high above the rest of the games industry and removed from the madness of E3. This year in their Fortress of Solitude, LucasArts showed off three new PC games, three PlayStation games, two PlayStation2 games and two Nintendo 64 titles. Currently, all of these titles have been slated for a Fall 2000 release. All these movies are in MPEG format. Enjoy. Klik dus maar snel hier