3D spotlight heeft een artikeltje online gemikt waarin ze een low-budget games systeem in elkaar zetten. Hieronder de processorkeuze:Processor AMD Athlon 600mhz retail - $205 For the low-end machine we could have chosen a much cheaper Celeron, or why not a Pentium III? Well, selling for only $205 I think the Athlon 600 (retail version) is a real bargain for what you get, not to mention it's $50 cheaper than a Pentium III running at the same MHz. or Intel Celeron 500mhz retail - $99 For those ones looking for the cheapest machine possible without losing the good performance, the Intel Celeron 500 is the best choice without doubt. You won't have SSE or 3DNow! extensions available but at $99 there is nothing you can complain of.Een beetje Tweaker zet zelf zijn systeem in elkaar natuurlijk