Het software huis Loki zal in samenwerking met CogniToy de Linux versie van de 3D RTS game MindRover: The Europa project uitbrengen:Tustin, CA. -- June 20, 2000 -- Loki Software, Inc. today announces an agreement with CogniToy to bring the highly-acclaimed MindRover: The Europa Project to Linux gamers by early fall 2000. MindRover is an ingenious 3D strategy/programming game that enables players to create autonomous robotic vehicles and compete them in races, battles and sports. Starting with an empty vehicle, gamers add components such as sensors, weapons and engines. Players wire the components together and set their properties using an innovative visual programming system before entering the vehicles in the 3D competitions. Gamers may also share their custom robots over email or through website competitions.Meer informatie over MindRover kun je vinden op de Cognitoy website vinden. De waarschijnlijke (onder voorbehoud natuurlijk ) release zal in het 4e kwartaal van 2000 zijn.