Je hebt muizen en muizen, maar wat maakt een muis nu goed. Eurogamer bekeek de Logitech MouseMan Wheel. Deze muis is balloos en dat kwam de nauwkeurigheid ten goede. After turning on my PC and booting up I ignored Windows' cries of “There is no PS/2 mouse connected to this PC” (et cetera) and plugged the Logitech into one of my USB slots. Immediately Windows picked up on this and the mouse installed under some erroneous USB entrant. Popping in the supplied drivers CD produced an Autorun menu that allowed me to install the Drivers, Logitech MouseWare Control Center (with other useful utilities like Adobe Acrobat also included on the CD).

Having moved over from an IntelliMouse Optical I was

expecting nothing less, and was impressed and disappointed in equal measures. I was impressed by the MouseWare's ability to tweak things like acceleration, but disappointed by the way that in game I was unable to rebind things like the scroll wheel and the thumb button. I'm told this is sortable but I haven't been able to ascertain how at the time of writing.

Another disappointment came when playing Counter-Strike

with the new rodent. Pulling out the AWP for a bit of sniping on cs_militia I crouched atop a wall and prepared to pick off an influx of newbies, but much to my disappointment, when fully zoomed in the accuracy was a little off. The smooth transition between movements I'd have previously were disappointingly accurate and at times I felt my shots were missing because my jerk-kills weren't in tune properly. A bit of fiddling (setting “m_yaw” to 0.015 instead of the default 0.022 helped a little) minimized the problem, but it's still a concern, and for Quakers in particular who rely on jerk-kill rail shots it's of paramount importance to be utterly accurate.

The bottom line is that if you play first person shooters regularly you need a quality mouse, and the latest group of optical mice are at the apex of the curve. Whether you buy this or the Microsoft options is up to you, but I've never been more at ease with a rodent than I have with this one, and it looks fantastic too. Nog steeds niet overtuigd ? Lees hier verder