Stuurtjes heb je in alle smaken en kleuren. Of de Logitech Formula Force ook op de menukaart mag zocht Sharky Games voor ons uit.Pulling off power slides shouldn't involve timely

pressing of keyboard keys and skillfully pulling off the careful acceleration necessary in F1 games just can't be done quite as well with a mere joystick. No, for driving games, there really is only one device that can satisfy the needs of the true enthusiast (you'll never guess); a steering wheel and a set of foot pedals. If you've come to the conclusion that your obsession with driving games is slowly turning you into one such true driving game enthusiast, you might want to take a look at the Logitech Formula Force GP.

Apart from this lone but glaring fault, the Logitech Formula Force GP is a quality wheel at a competitive price. It's USB so it's easy to install and the configuration utility is the same excellent Wingman software that comes with all Logitech game controllers. The force feedback is also strong and satisfying and on the whole it's particularly comfortable to use while retaining the trademark solid construction of all Logitech products. Bottom line - if you think you can get over the problem of the inefficient desk clamps then you won't find a better wheel at this price. Liever een Logitech dan een Trust als je het mij vraagt