Bij gamespy zijn ze wel in voor een stevige discussie zo blijkt, want ze hebben een artikel geschreven over de voor en nadelen van Linux als gaming platvorm ten opzichte van windows. User friendliness is an area that Linux still needs to improve upon. However, it has already made significant gains over the past couple of years. Linux has blossomed from a crude command line driven operating system and into a fully usable windows and menu driven system. With the release of Mandrake 7.1, which in my opinion is the most highly advanced desktop distribution of Linux, the OS is now ready for people to actually USE, not just look at and say, "gee whiz that is going to be cool."

Unfortunately, many issues still plague the user friendliness below the surface, such as the incredibly confusing directory structure and the plethora of options and versions of things such as Xfree86 and various libraries needed to install new software. Today, the OS is great for Web browsing, ICQ, IRC, playing MP3s / CD's, and gaming - if you can get all the drivers set up correctly. Lees Linux vs Windows