Op de site van Gone Gold vinden we een stuk over linux als game OS:Those problems aside, the Linux gaming market is definitely on the rise. As each week passes, it seems more and more companies have either announced, or are planning, future support for Linux products. So, if you have thought about switching to another OS, but were put off by the lack of decent gaming, you can start readying that boot disk. With Loki at the helm and other companies like id and Epic following suit, you can't help but like the chances Linux has in the gaming arena. En op Slashdot vond ik dit:According to an article in the Loki Requests newsgroup, Sam Lantinga, lead programmer for Loki Games states that 'We are going to try to do Starcraft and Diablo II as soon as we sell enough units to make it interesting to Blizzard' One way to help to persuade Blizzard that they should work with Loki on this is to sign the Games Petitions Page run by Tux Games.Stemmen dus als je wilt dat Starcraft en Diablo 2 ook met een linux smaakje uitkomen.