Op de Linux Games site kwam ik een lijst tegen van commerciele games die uitgebracht zullen worden voor Linux:An interview with Dave Georgeson of Dynamix concerning the upcoming sci-fi multiplayer combat game Tribes 2 has been posted at GameSlice; in it, Dave discusses the Tribes 2 engine, vehicular options, arms (including anti-air missiles... it sounds like supression of enemy air defenses will be a priority for any successful assault team), and new gameplay mods (thanks KungFu). It has been previously stated that the Linux client port of Tribes 2 will be released by Dynamix at some point after the initial Win32 version ships. Inside Mac Games fired off dual warshots with regards to the upcoming space combat sim Terminus (which will include Linux, MacOS, and Win32 binaries in the retail box): An interview with Vicarious Visions CEO Karthik Bala, and a preview of the game, which recently went gold (thanks Blue). Furthermore, Station Terminus posted their initial impressions earlier this week; nine screenshots are also included. The Anarchy Online site updated with three additional screenshots from the QT-based MMORPG; they're available at http://www.anarchy-online.com/game/screenshots/screenshots.html. Neverwinter Vault has posted a shot of Neverwinter Nights' radial menu UI (thanks Eurogamer.net, who, incidentally, have their own preview of NWN up). Neverwinter Nights is a multiplayer (not massive or persistent however) AD&D RPG being developed for Linux by Bioware. Finally, BWVault reported that the Black & White fansite The Citadel has posted several E3 videos in MPEG format, including one with Peter Molyneux's statements on open-sourcing the god game to facilitate community modification.En wie nog zegt dat Linux geen game platform is of zal worden, die draai ik de nek om