Voor alle Star Wars fans is er goed nieuws. Het is misschien binnenkort mogelijk om via je webcam andere fans met een Lightsabre te lijf te gaan. Dit is allemaal te danken aan Project Earthlight. Hier is een stukje uit een interview met de bedenker van het project:For starters, please take a moment to explain what exactly Project Earthlight is, who you are, and why you decided to take on a project of this kind. Project Earthlight explores new ways of controlling games (and computers) using computer vision. More simply, I use a single webcam to capture 2D images and infer the 3D state of a physical game control device (a toy lightsaber), in real-time. I study CS as an undergraduate at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (home of Mosaic, Descent, and Mortal Kombat . I began my work at the U. of Central Florida last summer where I worked as a research assistant with some well-known professors in computer vision. There I learned a lot and came up with the idea of a Virtual 3D Blackboard, which eventually became the subject of my research paper. My paper was accepted to and published in the IEEE International Conf. on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition. The conference was held March 2000 in Grenoble, France, where I had a poster session. After the summer I had wanted to apply my research to a game that ran in real-time. One on one lightsabre fighting seemed like a good idea and it matched my research well. Meer info kan je vinden op de homepage of in een interview met de bedenker, Andrew Wu. Toch binnenkort maar een webcam gaan kopen