Er zijn nieuwe screenshots verschenen op gamespot van de nieuwe 3D lemmings. Ondanks het 3D jasje belooft het toch een goed vervolg te zijn (de slechte Lemmings 3D niet meegtelt...) op de oudere 2D series.Those suicidal Lemmings are back from the grave, and the millennium version of this puzzler adds a spanking new 3D environment to the original's gameplay. Thankfully this is not a rerun of the Lemmings debacle as Lemmings Revolution is just as annoying and mind-boggling as the original. Skills seen in the first two Lemmings games will be tested to the full with new features such as anti-gravity, herder, lantern, rocket, slow down, speed up, trampoline and catherine wheel. There are also a couple of new breeds of suicidal creature - the Lava and Water varieties can walk on, er… Lava and Water. Hier zijn de andere 4 screenshots te vinden.