Lego heeft besloten om, naast harde waren, ook (wat meer) zachte waren te gaan produceren, onder de naam Mindstorm:Granted, it's not a company that makes the hardcore gamers swoon, but Lego's still a major force in the overall gaming world. The company's Mindstorms division will be at E3 again this year, showing off its consumer robotics division, with two new products on display: [bullet]Vision Command System - allows Mindstorms robots to see and react to their environment through a new Lego digital camera for the PC. [bullet]Dark Side Developer - lets kids build Star Wars walking robots and droids, such as an AT-AT that strides on four legs. Additionally, Lego Media will showcase a new line-up of interactive software products for the PC, Nintendo and PlayStation game consoles. The company plans two new platform announcements and a new software category announcement. Alles goed en wel, als ik maar geen Lego blokjes op mn Dolphin hoef te zien