Of doe het in een stap:

Download Gamecheater, een proggie waarmee je heel makkelijk allerlei instellingen in je spel kan veranderen:GameCheater is application written for the Windows 95/98 environment. You don't need to have any experience in coding or advanced debugging like many other attempts at making a game trainer. This is an easy to use, realistic program made for the common gamer who doesn't want to spend time learning to hack but wants to have a little more fun in their games. GameCheater allows you to search for the memory-addresses where your favorite game stores its properties (like money, energy, lives, timers, extras, inventory items or ammo). GameCheater gives you access to these found addresses, so you can change or lock (make it unlimited) the value of these addresses.Leuk maar hebben wij "echte" gamers dat nou echt nodig?