Dat niet alle FPS games geweldadig zijn bewijzen titels als Nerf Arena en Laser Arena. Gericht op een jonger publiek, en wie hoort daar niet bij, zijn deze titels een mooie opstap naar het echte werk.

Stomped ging thuis achter de buis eens Lasergamen Laser Arena (published by ValuSoft) is a first person multiplayer shooter that, while nothing revolutionary, is a good introduction to the genre that should keep kids entertained and their Moms and Dads happy. The game is modeled after the real-life play arenas where kids and grown-up can play laser tag in darkened settings.

The 15 levels in Laser Arena give the game a light but challenging feel. There are multiple game modes, including Free-for-all, (normal deathmatch) Duel (one-on-one), Team Match (self-explanatory), Domination (ditto), and a new team mode called Mega Target that gives each team a goal of hitting targets with their laser weapons at their enemy team's base.

The game uses a highly modified Quake 1 engine. It's been changed so radically that you may not even recognize it. Perhaps the biggest addition is the use of AI bots for single player mode. The bots are very formidable opponents and will give any gamers, hardcore or not, a run for their money. The game does support OpenGL hardware acceleration for its graphics but a software mode is also included. System requirements are very low (the game's recommended for Pentium 200 MHz and up and takes only 40 megs of hard drive space) so all computers currently being sold should have no trouble running Laser Arena

Het is inderdaad een aardig spel, maar na een tijdje begin je als psychopatische gamer toch wel het bloedgespetter te missen