Iedereen hoopte in deze nieuwsposting natuurlijk wat sappige plaatjes tegen te komen, maar zo ver is Red Storm nog niet met zijn nieuwe sci-fiction adventure, Freedom: First Resistance.Can the video-game world fit in another strong female heroine? Red Storm's sci-fi adventure, Freedom: First Resistance will introduce Angel Sanchez, a typically sharp-shotting action type female. But the times they are a-changin' and gone are the tight fitting clothes of other cyber-babes. Lead designer on the project, Richard Dansky, has explained online how this heroine will do away with the cosmetic male fantasy, and concentrate on getting the gamer engaged with Angel's mind. "A lot of work has gone into creating the character of Angel, and not just her model. Before we plugged in the first motion, we knew who she was, where she came from, what her family was like, what her degree is in (Communications, if you must know) and so on," Dansky told FGN Online, in response to a question about the character's possible similarities to Lara. This more rounded character development will help gameplay according to Dansky. "We've always wanted Freedom to be strongly character driven, and so that has to start with strong characters. As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't matter what the character can do -- how good a shot she is or whatever -- if I don't care about her." You can get to grips with Angel and her alien-hunting buddies in Freedom on PC from the end of the year.Aan het eind van dit jaar wordt het weer alien-killingtime .