Powerplay is een nieuw soort protocol waarme iedereen veel beter kan gamen. Valve is in samenwerking met Cisco, deze aan het ontwikkelen en echt nieuws is dit allemaal niet maar PlanetFortress (Team Fortress 2 zal dit systeem gebruiken) heeft er een artikel over geplaatst met wat interessante nieuwtjes.So what the heck is PowerPlay, and how is it going to revolutionize online gaming? It's a set of protocols and deployment standards, involving such popular cocktail-party topics as UDP header compression and basic infrastructure--including router and access concentrator issues--that should create LAN-type performance for dial-up users, as well as for those gamers languishing away on overcrowded cable modem and DSL subnets. PowerPlay is more than just some sort of elaborate TCP/IP patch; it's a suite of technological improvements that will impact he whole experience of Internet gaming.

So will your favorite game embrace PowerPlay? Probably. As of press time the following developers had already signed on to the project:

Epic (Unreal, Unreal Tournament)

BioWare (MDK 2, Baldurs Gate, Neverwinter Nights)

Looking Glass (System Shock 2, Thief 2, Flight Unlimited)

Outrage Entertainment (Descent 3)

Red Storm Entertainement (Rainbow Six, Rogue Spear)

Volition (Freespace 2)

Ritual (Heavy Metal, F.A.K.K.2, Sin)

Shiny Entertainment (messiah, Sacrifice, R/C Stund Copter)

Relic Entertainment (Homeworld)

Ensemble Stuidios (Age of Empires I & II)

Captivation Digital Laboratories (quake: Da Bomb mod, Lose Your Marbles)

Gearbox Software (Half-Life, Opposing Force)Wederom Amar bedankt voor de tip.