Er is een kort interview geweest met Goosmane, de persoon achter de meest populaire mod allertijden.RzE: Will the m4a1 still have a zoom feature [in beta 7]? Gooseman: No, unfortunately it won't have a zoom feature. People are going to have to get used to it.. or buy the Steyr Aug if they want a zoom.. If they want a silenced gun , then they can get the Colt M4A1. The Ak-47 doesn't have a zoom and it's still a bad ass killing machine. RzE: How much will the accuracy and power be affected when the silencer's are on? Gooseman: The current M4A1 is weaker than the SG-552 because of the silencer. In BETA 7, you can make the M4A1 just as powerful as the SG-552 and retain the accuracy of the BETA 6 M4A1.