GameSpy heeft een nieuw image en dat wordt vertegenwoordigd door Kornelia Takacs. Zij is een van de beste vrouwelijke Quake3spelers te wereld en is nu gecontracteerd door GameSpy.

Zo valt ze ook uit te dagen op GameSpy en zijn hier verschillende prijzen aan gebonden.

Domain of Gamers had een interview met de Queen of Quake.Sling Blade: Do you have any sponsors and what do you do for them:

Kornelia: I recently signed a one year contract with Gamespy. (They do web sites, software, and technology for multiplayer gaming.) One of the things I do is I travel to computer Expos with them around the world. People from the expo can challenge me to a game of Quake 3 for all sorts of different prizes. Besides expos and other things I do regular "Challenge Kornelia" on Gamespy arcade. (Coming soon!)

Sling Blade: Hmmmmm sounds interesting. Looks like we'll be able to get toasted by Kornelia soon. I sure hope we don't actually have to BEAT you to get prizes! OK, so how do you prepare for a tournament? Do you have any lucky socks?

Kornelia: I usually prepare for tournaments the old fashion way. I practice the maps that will be used in the tourney with my friends a lot. I don't have any lucky socks but I do have a tiny Japanese carving that I carry around with me when I go on a trip. (It's not particularly gaming related. I take it with me when I'm going on an airplane, etc.)

Sling Blade: Do you keep in contact with the other professional gamers? Do you professional gamers get together often to practice online?

Kornelia: I keep in contact with a lot of gamers. Gaming and gaming related activities take up a lot of my time and part of it is talking and practicing with other gamers.

Sling Blade: How much of a player's ability is innate skill, and how much do you believe is the result of practice?

Kornelia: One without the other will only make your game 50% complete. A lot of people practice a lot but they just don't have that something that allows them to place well in big tournaments. A lot of good players don't practice enough and the outcome is the same. You definitely need skills and you need to keep them sharp by practicing regularly against other skilled players.De laatste tijd wel erg veel nieuws rond vrouwen en Quake. Speelt er geen enkele vrouw UT ofzo?

of je zou natuurlijk kunnen zeggen dat Quake3 een vrouwengame is.

Maar dat hoor je MIJ natuurlijk nooit zeggen.