Iedereen die nu denkt een rondborstige brunette te zien, helaas, Kornelia is één van de beste vrouwelijke Q3ers op deze planeet. Gamespy was zo onder de indruk van deze vrouw dat ze een contract aangeboden gekregen heeft. Ja heren, deze dame zal uw ass toch echt fraggen in one-on-one If you attended either this year's Game Developer's Conference or E3, chances are you had a chance to witness female Quake player Kornelia Takacs dismantling opponents inside GameSpy's booth. Well, GameSpy announced today that it has signed Kornelia to a one-year contract to represent the company at numerous conferences and expos around the world. Her next appearance will be in the Hercules/GameLoft booth at ECTS in London (GameLoft is an investor/partner with


Typically, Kornelia plays one-on-one against anyone brave enough to play her, and rarely loses, let alone even getting fragged. Kornelia says, "I love this game. I'm very competitive, and when Quake first came out, I played for many days online and became immediately

'hooked.' My goal is to become respected by my fellow professional gamers around the world not just because I'm a female, but because of my overall gaming skills."

Some people may be of another opinion that female-only tournaments exist due to a difference in skill level between the sexes. Munoz shuns this idea right away, "Kornelia, who is one of the best ranked gamers regardless of gender, is up there with the very best. She has to be one of the top 50 best gamers in the world. If you are in the top 50, you are beating a lot of men to get there. Kornelia would be the first to tell you that it is very difficult for a female gamer to get the type of attention that male gamers at same level

get -- it's pretty annoying for her.

In dit artikel staat Kornelia ook in de schijnwerpers. Gameweek