De Koreaanse regering heeft een games beurs geintroduceerd die zeer binnenkort van start gaat. Hier is de homepage te vinden. De gamesindustrie begint steeds grotere vormen aan te nemen in Korea, vandaar dat de overheid dit stimuleert ($$$).Organizers expect more than 180 exhibitors at the conference, which will be held at the Seoul Yoido Exhibition Center. The weeklong conference will begin 10 days before the gaming industry's main trade show, E3, in Los Angeles. There are currently more than 15,000 PC rooms, or cyber cafes, in Korea, where gamers play PC games such as Blizzard Entertainment's StarCraft and Red Storm Entertainment's Rogue Spear. Blizzard told Gamecenter last year that a majority of StarCraft players on the company's service were in South Korea. South Korean developers are starting to make a name for themselves in the worldwide gaming community. Gathering of Developers is publishing Kingdom Under Fire, a real-time strategy game being made by South Korean design house Phantagram.Ik bied mij hierbij vrijwillig aan om verslag te gaan doen namens