Bij Avault hebben ze een patch voor Klingon Academy. Het gaat hier om patch versie 1.0.1 en deze patch is 6.14 MB groot. Fixed a bug that caused crew to unexpectedly die during low power situations.You shields will now be raised automatically after you retrieve marines.The amount of damage done by the Antimatter Field Projector has been corrected.Fixed a problem in which ships were being captured too quickly when boarded by multiple warships.Ship explosion damage is now accurate for all ships.Macros for the KECX (experimental Bird of Prey used in missions 6 and 12) are fixed.Bases will now drift only slightly if you collide with them. Firing the Yamato's assault phaser will no longer reduce its power output.The Yamato's shield reinforcement controls are now mapped properly.The KDDC (Insurrection) will now benefit from Elite Officers.The weapon firing arcs and maneuverability of the KDDC (Insurrection) has been corrected.Shields will now recharge during warp travel.The firing rate and damage of the Shakurian carrier's multiwarhead missile has been corrected.Fixed a problem with targeting secondary weapons on the FCL.The Planet Killer's defensive strength and mobility have been corrected.