It's all about de Mods tegenwoordig, helaas is dit voor sommige mensen niet het geval. Met hun langzame telefoon of casema verbinding is het binnenhalen van grote Mods onbegonnen werk. Gelukkig heeft The Daily Radar aandacht besteeds aan de kleinere, maar nog steeds zeer goede Q3 Mods.After feasting on the banquet that is Counter-Strike and Firearms for Half-Life, we decided to prepare for the immanent arrival of Quake III Team Arena by checking

out some of the cooler mods. We've profiled some of the bigger mods recently, like the excellent Weapons Factory Arena, so we've got some smaller ones today for users with a dial-up connection who want a quick change of pace.

Capture the Chicken - (920KB)

We know, we know. It sounded pretty silly to us too. This mod is basically a take on the hot potato game. A single chicken that glows and clucks appears on the map. The first player to grab the chicken glows gold and is now defenseless.

The Hulk - (194KB)

Similar to Capture the Chicken, the Hulk mod sets on

player apart from the others. One player takes on the roll of the Hulk, a huge lumbering brute with enormous

amounts of health and armor. The other players are all

half-pint blue guys who cannot hurt each other, only the


Western Quake III - (28.2MB)

There are still some of us that fondly recall Lucas Arts' Outlaws shooter from 1997, and this mod for Quake III attempts to capture some of that feel. The emphasis is on realistic, deliberate play, with a single shot from the standard revolver taking off half of the health bar.

Bonus Map: Overwhelming Hostility - (2.7MB)

We've just gotten our hands on this map recently, and

while there are already plenty of medium-sized, twisting

maps for Quake III, we really dug this one for free-for-all or team deathmatch. While it doesn't do anything revolutionary, Overwhelming Hostility is a beautiful built and nicely balanced map. Gaat het over kleine Mods, stoppen ze Western Quake III ertussen van 28.2MB ...