Bij CNET's Gamecenter hebben ze negen hele mooie screens van KISS: Psycho Circus The Nightmare Child. Ze hebben er ook nog een goed verhaaltje bij gecshreven.

The boys over at GameCenter have popped up some new shots from Third Law Interactive's LithTech engine powered game, KISS: Psycho Circus - The Nightmare Child. Here's some sauce on this game: KISS: Psycho Circus--The Nightmare Child will race gamers past some 25 twisted freaks as well as boss and mini-boss encounters. This LithTech 1.5-engine-powered game will include 12 weapons, 16 artifacts, in-game cinematics, and four playable characters, each based on one of the KISS band members. Players will develop these characters from mere mortals to all-powerful Elders as they attain six progressive levels of power. Third Law has also developed something it call its "Horde Technology," which will allow for more monsters onscreen than in any previous shooter. The game's back story is based on McFarlane's KISS comic books, so it's awash in heavy-handed mysticism. The unborn Nightmare Child is threatening the universe with circus freaks and monsters, and it's up to the player to defeat him. Players will collect artifacts and gain the powers of the KISS alter egos; players will also try to get their hands on a piece of Elder Armor (or KISS costume), which will give them unique abilities. And of course, since this is a game based on a rock-and-roll band, expect a rocking soundtrack. The in-game cut scenes will feature KISS tracks, and each KISS character in Psycho Circus will have his own musical theme. Be sure to wear a black concert T-shirt when you play this game.