Nadat KISS: Psycho Circus Gold is gegaan zijn er weer 8 nieuwe screens ( uitgegeven en exclusief op geplaast. Maandag 17 juli moet KISS: Psyco Circus als het goed is in de winkel liggen.Ook was er een interview (,10869,2599139,00.html) die al geplaast was maar vanwegen verhuizing verloren is gegaan .GameSpot: Now that development on KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child is finished, do you look back and wish you had done something differently? Pam Wolford: Of course! No one on the team had started and completed their own project as owners of a company, so it was very much a learning process. I think we survived it without any huge, project-altering mistakes, though certainly no one walks around here feeling smug. Common sense and humility must be shown, or you're in for a beat-down from everyone else.