Er zijn 2 nieuwe screen's van KISS: Psycho Circus:While this game might not based on the KISS band, KISS: Psycho Circus, a Quake-style 3D action shooter, is based on the Psyco Circus comic-book series by Spawn creator Todd McFarlane. Check out the latest screenshots from this upcoming LithTech-powered shooter. KISS: Psycho Circus is all about adrenaline pumping action Now don't let name fool you - KISS: Psycho Circus is not about the KISS band members. According to Sverre Kvernmo, Lead Designer for Third Law Interactive, the game isn't about "KISS, the rock band", but instead a horror flick in the vein of Sandman/Hellraiser/Lovecraft, where the player characters are inspired by the outlook and attitude of the band.