Gathering of Developers heeft van Phantagram's RTS Kindom Under Fire een demo uitgebracht, die volgens mij het record gebroken heeft qua zwaarte; 160 MB (!)Kingdom Under Fire (KUF) details the epic battles on the continent of Bersiah, where the Race of Light (Humans and Elves) and the Race of Darkness (Orcs and Ogres) coexist in a brooding cloud of suspicion and hostility. Their battles- for life and hegemony- are rooted in the primordial conflict between the two gods Amos and Tobied and have been waged since the dawn of history. The most recent war gave birth to legends such as The War of Xok Knights, or The War of Heroes.

Though many years have passed since the seven Xok Knights defeated Black Dragon Nibles and its subordinate Keeliani, the world has once again become a fiery battleground, as Sir Gole- the messenger of God- had prophesied. The races again marched into battle against one another as the acrid smells of the last war still hung in the air. The Xok Knights and their descendants- the new heroes- marched against their ancient enemies to satisfy their own ambitions.Zoals ik al zei is de demo 160 MB groot en hier op te halen.