Die Amerikanen hebben ook weer wat nieuws. Nu heeft de staat Indianapolis een nieuwe wet aangenomen om kinderen zo min mogelijk bloot te stellen aan speelkasten(waar je een piek in gooit, ofzo) die geweldadig en/of sterk sexueele materiaal bevatten. Deze speelkasten moeten appart geplaatst worden en mogen niet in de buurt van kindvriendelijke apparaten. De rest van de wetsinhoud lees je hier maar:Coin-operated video games in which people are decapitated, dismembered, mutilated or maimed will soon be off-limits to children in Indianapolis, the Associated Press is reporting. A law has been signed that requires coin-operated games featuring graphic violence or strong sexual content to sport warning labels and be stationed at least 10 feet from nonviolent game machines. These machines must also be cordoned off with a curtain or wall so minors cannot view them. The law bars people under age 18 from such games unless accompanied at the hand of a parent or guardian. Local officials called the law a first step in stopping “a burgeoning culture of violence.”

The law goes in effect Sept. 1. A business with three violations in 12 months could be forbidden from offering violent games or have its amusement license withdrawn. A legal counselor representing national video game groups said his clients are considering legal action, stating the law is "unconstitutional." 't Moet niet gekker worden >