Er is een nieuwe versie van Jumbot gereleased. Binnenkort ook de source.[bullet]The old "unworking disabled gauss fire-through-wall code" has been fixed so higher-skilled bots will shoot through objects with the Gauss gun if a player/bot is hiding behind. [bullet]Fixed up tripmine avoidance to work better (bots try to get around them rather than firing at them mindlessly). This was also tweaked more for version 1.1. [bullet]Fixed up visibility checking in the tracking routine. [bullet]Completely rewrote waypoint code to not use entities and use a global array instead. This should make things way more efficient, and it will get rid of the errors some people were having with too many edicts. This also boosts the waypoint limit up to 1024, which should be enough for any level. Note that current waypoint files are still completely compatible, however. [bullet]Added a wp_vis cvar for when adding waypoints. This makes the last 50 waypoints in a trail have particle streams on top of them. The reason for this is that waypoints no longer look like crossbow bolts and have no model, because they do not take up edict slots any longer (pretty much the only drawback of an array system, but the particle streams should be fine). The color of the particles is also different depending on the type of waypoint, so you can easilly tell jumping, crouching, and regular waypoints apart. [bullet]Optimized the size of waypoint files (no longer 20kb each no matter what).Lees hier en download hier.