Julie van FAKK2 is naar mijn mening de strakste computer babe available. De Duitse site Powerplay had een interview met Julie. Een standaard interview, maar het gaat om de plaatjes PowerPlay.de How did you get involved with Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.²?

Julie We've been working on the movie for about five years. While we were doing the movie we were approached to do the game. My husband (Kevin Eastman; note from the editor) and I worked with canadian co-partners and also with Columbia Pictures. We basically did it on our own blood, sweat and tears. The character is me, it's named after me, it looks like me and talks like me… except

the game character has a better ass (laughs). The character is so close to home that when I dream at night I'm in playing the game.

PowerPlay.de Was this your first experience with computer or video games? Or do you play computer games in your private life?

Julie No, I never had the time to play games. When I first moved to Hollywood I had a game with me called Columns which was like Tetris. That was the last time

I ever had the time to play a game until I saw my game preview at the E3 show. They made 150 000 copies and it sold out so fast I didn't even get one yet.

PowerPlay.de Are there any other games planned with your character?

Julie There will be a second Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.² game and a third one, three games in total. My husband Kevin is making more games with Simon Bisley for Capcom. I told them not to use me as a character. I mean, they could use me as a small character but I don't wanna be the star. Because it's so much work with the press and everything. I need a little break so I can recharge my batteries.

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