Angelina Jolie heeft vandaag voor het eerst over haar hoofdrol in de Tomb Raider film gepraat. Ze maakt zich wel een beetje zorgen dat ze geen Engels accent heeft, maar ach, is dat belangrijk dan?Angelina Jolie has been picked to play the screen version of 'Tomb Raider' icon Lara Croft in the forthcoming film, and while talking to entertainment website "Popcorn" Jolie revealed how she's working with the SAS to get ready for the part. "They want to bring me to England to do it," says Jolie who became interested in the SAS through her ex-husband Jonny Lee Miller. "He loves the SAS. He's fascinated with everything to do with that world and he's got me hooked." With regard to playing Lara, Angelina says she's really excited about the project, but is a bit worried about what hardcore Lara fans might think about her performance. "I hope England will allow me to do it because I know she's one of your girls."