Evil Ed heeft een interview gehad met ION Storms John Romero. Het interview gaat uiteraard over Daikatana en verder wordt er gesproken over sex met Stevie 'Killcreek' Case en over de toekomst van de gameswereld. Een paar stukkies.Q: We all know you're under a lot of scrutiny because the reviews of Daikatana seemed hypercritical - What's it like being John Romero these days? JR: Well, I'm just very disappointed in the negativity that exists in this GAME industry nowadays. I really believe Daikatana is a fun game and it's sad to see people jump all over it as if they were counting on it being the only game they were ever going to play. I don't go to the local AMC, watch a movie, and run back home to email the director and tell him that he did a completely shitty job on the movie and that he's all washed up and that he can enjoy the failure that he is. That is pure sickness and it's something that Evil Avatar and his ilk make their living on... but I'm hoping that someday I can get out of this tough creative position and start randomly tearing other people down because it's such a nice, easy job. Q: What's it like having sex with Stevie 'Killcreek' Case? JR: Just imagine having sex with a superhot model. That pretty much sums it up. Just thinking about it..... uh, I'll be right back. Q: If you could convey a singular message to the gaming community as a whole Ð what would it be? JR: Chill out. Think. Have fun. Dit erg diepgaande (ahum ) interview gaat hier verder.